What Parental Leave Means For Dads And Non-Birthing Partners – A Detailed Guide

Dads And Non-Birthing Partners

If you’re trying to take leave to look after a new child, then the terminology can be pretty confusing – and some of it is incredibly important. Maternity leave, paternity leave, and parental leave can be different things, which will affect dads and non-birthing partners quite significantly. Parental leave is not a federally-mandated requirement for … Read more

Parental Leave For Non-Birthing Partners – A Detailed Guide

Parental Leave For Non-Birthing Partners

Taking parental leave can be complicated and challenging enough for mothers, but when it comes to any other parental figures that are involved, the options available are even more limited. Parental leave for non-birthing partners is rarely an option in the US, and it can be particularly hard to navigate for same-sex partners and other … Read more

Can Parents Take Parental Leave At The Same Time? A Detailed Guide

Can Parents Take Parental Leave At The Same Time

If you’re looking forward to expanding your family and adding a newborn into your life, or you’re concerned about the rules that your workplace needs to follow, then you might be wondering: can parents take parental leave at the same time? If both maternal and paternal leave is offered by an employer, then both parents … Read more

Do Teachers Get Paternity Leave? The Complete Guide

Do Teachers Get Paternity Leave

Teachers, like many other professionals, are entitled to vacation days as part of their employment benefits. They typically enjoy summer days and school breaks throughout the year. While most teachers also receive sick leave and some may receive personal time off, the situation is not as straightforward when it comes to paternity leave. So, do … Read more

Can I Work While on Unpaid Parental Leave? The Complete Guide

Work While on Unpaid Parental Leave

Unpaid parental leave is stressful enough, especially if you weren’t able to prepare by building up sick time and vacation time. It’s also a confusing policy to navigate, with the assumption that every state is different. So, can you work while on unpaid parental leave? The truth is, there is nothing stopping you from working … Read more