Meet Muhammed, a passionate advocate for parental leave who has been fighting for the rights of parents for the last two years. After graduating from Queen Mary, University of London with a law degree. Muhammed Mullah has been advocating for parental rights

Muhammed’s journey began when he became a new parent herself and realized just how difficult it was to balance the demands of work and parenthood. He saw firsthand how the lack of adequate parental leave policies put parents, particularly fathers, at a disadvantage at home.

Determined to make a difference, Muhammed began researching and advocating for parental leave policies at the local and national level. He joined parent advocacy groups, attended rallies and spoke to lawmakers about the importance of parental leave for families.

Thanks to Muhammed’s tireless efforts, several companies in her area have improved their parental leave policies, and the government has taken notice of the need for national parental leave reform.